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Belinda Spong – Finalist In Lawyers Weekly 2018 Partner Of The Year Awards

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MST Lawyers is proud to announce that Family Law Partner, Belinda Spong, is a finalist in the highly contested Lawyer’s Weekly 2018 Partner of the Year Awards.

This award recognises the outstanding performance of a partner who has kept up with the demands of family law.  To succeed at this level, Belinda has shown consistent dedication to actively developing and guiding her team as well as continuing to grow and manage her casework.  Her role as Principal and team leader requires a flexible approach to providing solutions to clients, enabling them to deal with day-to-day challenges as well as large-scale issues.

With over 18 years’ experience in Family Law, Belinda leads a team that is the leading authority in advising on complex legal disputes and require the services of highly experienced specialist counsel.

Belinda’s practice specialises in:

  • Acting in complex property and financial issues that comprise of third parties, multiple corporate entities and trust structures as well as valuation disputes;
  • Acting in complex parenting matters which can involve allegations of abuse, mental health issues and/or parental incapacity;
  • Achieving advantageous negotiated outcomes for clients and avoiding the time and financial stresses of court proceedings;
  • Appearing in court (with or without counsel) to progress matters favourably for clients;
  • Drafting detailed court and case documents that have received the compliments of the opposing party and counsel.

We wish the other finalists good luck as we wait to hear the ultimate winner in June. Click here for Lawyers Weekly’s announcement.

For more information, please contact our Family Law team by email family@mst.com.au or call us on +61 3 8540 0200.