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A message from the MST Employment Law Team

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Whether your business has gone into “hibernation”, is operating at reduced capacity or seeing an increase in activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic, you will need some template communications for your employees. Our suite of template letters might help you to avoid the next employee dispute.

Our suite of template letters including the following:

  1.  Letter to advise employees of the possibility of future stand down
  2.  Letter to stand down an employee (or a group of employees)
  3.  Letter to advise an employee that they are not stood down (unlike others)
  4.  Letter to confirm an agreement to vary a term of employment (e.g. changes to hours of work, remuneration, duties, work location, casual<>permanent conversion etc.)
  5. Letter to confirm an agreement for an employee to take leave (e.g. unpaid leave, annual leave, long service leave or another form of special leave)
  6.  Letter to advise employees on the cessation of stand down
  7.  Letter to give employees an update on the stand down
  8.  Letter to advise an employee of their entitlement to receive the Government’s Jobkeeper Payment
  9.  Letters relating to genuine redundancy termination

Throughout this pandemic, our team has been advising employers to guide their understanding on their employment rights and obligations. Getting the correct and up-to-date advice is important because we are seeing changes to the law each day, from modern award variations to Government subsidy schemes.

Contact one of our employment lawyers if you need any help at all with employment issues:

  • Herb  +61 3 8540 0290
  • Chao +61 3 8540 0297
  • James  +61 3 8540 0215