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10 tips to a less painful divorce

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Our Family Law team has provided this¬†‘action list’ for those involved in – or about to begin – divorce proceedings.

  1. Speak to your bank or lending institution to prevent joint funds being dissipated or liabilities being increased.
  2. Consider your Will and whether it is still appropriate and if you don’t have one have one drafted.
  3. Revoke any power of attorney.
  4. Reconsider any nominated death benefit beneficiary for your superannuation entitlements.
  5. Copy your and your partner’s financial documents and keep them in a secure location (not your house or car).
  6. Call the Child Support Agency and ask how much would be paid or is payable for child support.
  7. Check whose names your home and property is in.¬† You may need a caveat if it is in your partner’s name solely or you may need to sever a joint tenancy if it is held jointly.
  8. If there has been family violence, seek advice in relation to an Intervention Order to protect yourself.
  9. Keep a diary as to contact arrangements for your children and any behaviour of your partner which is not in the best interests of your children.
  10. Get legal advice from a solicitor who predominately practices in Family Law and has done so for a number of years.

Author: Elisa Garzarella

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