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10 Steps to Reduce Divorce Stress

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10 Steps to Reduce Divorce Stress

by Stacey Taylor, Lawyer, Mason Sier Turnbull Lawyers

Divorce is one of life’s most difficult emotional experiences. These 10 steps will help ease the burden.

  1. Contact your bank or lending institution and check on the amount of any mortgage or overdraft account in joint names and access to joint funds you hold with your ex-partner – can these be accessed without your consent?
  2. If you don’t have a Will, now is the time to get one written. And if you do have one, consider whether it remains appropriate or if it should be updated.
  3. Consider whether you should revoke any power of attorney
  4. Regarding your superannuation fund, check who are the nominated death benefit beneficiaries are and consider if this should be changed.
  5. Make copies of your and your ex-partner’s financial documents. Keep them in a secure location (not your house or car).
  6. Contact the Child Support Agency and ask about your child support rights and responsibilities.
  7. Check whose name(s) your home and/or property(s) are in. If any property is in your ex-partner’s name you may need a caveat written. If property is in joint names you may need to sever the joint tenancy.
  8. If there has been family violence and you are concerned about your or another family member’s safety, it is vital you seek advice about Intervention Orders.
  9. Keep a diary of your children’s contact arrangements. As difficult as you may find it, you should also record any behaviour of your ex-partner’s that is not in the best interests of your children.
  10. Make sure you get legal advice from a lawyer who specializes, and has many years experience, in family law.

For further advice contact contact Denise Foster or Stacey Taylor from the Family Law Team at Mason Sier Turnbull on 03 8540 0200.