Wills & Estates

Dying without a Will – costs, conflict and chaos

Failing to prepare or update your Will can create a nightmare for your intended beneficiaries if your circumstances change . Marriage, divorce, superannuation, trust and other business structures need to be carefully dealt with in your Will to avoid conflict and legal obstacles to administering your estate.

“Need” or greed? The question of “financial need” in claims for further provision from deceased estates

26 Aug 2016

In the recent Supreme Court decision of Ligeti v Ligeti [2016] VSC 448 Judge Keogh dismissed a daughter’s application for further provision out of her late father’s estate. Taking into account the daughter’s significant financial resources (including assets valued in excess of $2,000,000), Judge Keogh held the deceased adequately provided for her proper maintenance and support.

Business Succession & Estate Planning

MST Lawyers thanks those people who attended its seminar on “Business Succession & Estate Planning” which was presented by various members of our Corporate Advisory and Wills & Estates teams on 10 May 2016. For those people who were unable to attend, we now attach a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for your future reference.

Ex-husband prevented from double-dipping in his former wife’s estate

2 Mar 2016

In a recent Supreme Court case Justice McMillan ordered the making of a statutory will (court-made will) on behalf of an elderly woman, giving her estate to her children and grandchildren. The court upheld the statutory will in spite of a challenge made by the woman’s ex-husband who already received $1.73 million under a family law settlement with his former wife.