Franchise Law

Pastacup To Pay For Falling Short Of The Franchising Code

Pastacup franchisor ordered to pay penalties for breaches of the Franchising Code of Conduct, following proceedings by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

This decision cements that the Franchising Code of Conduct requires full and accurate disclosure of information to enable a prospective franchisee to make an informed business decision about whether to purchase a franchise.

What Not To Do At The Work Christmas Party

Christmas is coming, and so are work Christmas parties. Steps managers should take to reduce the risk of an HR disaster.

Term Expiry: How Not Being On Top Of Franchise Expiry Terms Causes Issues

Franchise agreements are established for a fixed term. Often they contain options which can be exercised to acquire an additional term, subject to the franchisee not being in breach of the existing franchise agreement.

When an option is not exercised or exercised improperly, and the franchisee continues to operate the franchise after the expiry of the term the chances of a dispute arising are significantly increased as the legal basis for the continued operation comes into question.

Accessorial Liability for Workplace Law Breaches

The following recent cases illustrate the Fair Work Ombudsman’s intent to extend liability for breaches of workplace laws, including the underpayment of wages and award benefits, beyond the employer. While traditionally, liability has not extended beyond managers within an employer our Courts are now looking to extend liability to external advisers who facilitate or assist an employer in breaching workplace laws.