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    One Size Does Not Fit All – Finding The Right Family Law Approach

    Browse online, and you will find family law practitioners promoting expertise in litigation, alternative and out-of-court approaches to family law, online services, after hours and Skype appointments, and unbundled legal services. What is right for you?

    Court Affirms Broad Scope for Estate Claims by Stepchildren

    A recent landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Appeal has reaffirmed the modern and inclusive definition of a ‘stepchild’. The decision has reaffirmed that stepchildren are among the limited number of people now eligible to make claims on a deceased’s estate.

    Battle of the Wills: properly executed Will prevails over home-made Will

    There are significant risks associated with failing to leave a valid Will. The executor of an informal Will is faced with the expensive task of applying for probate of the informal Will. In a recent case, the court rejected an application for probate of an informal Will, in circumstances where the deceased left an earlier, properly executed Will.

    Costly reminder: Plus GST is not an optional extra

    The saying that God is in the detail is particularly applicable in this case. Details do matter and in this case, failing to comply with the plain and clear details of the Sale Contract and making the assumption that “GST” was the same as “plus GST” cost the vendor $290,000.